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How It's Done!

I am still relatively new to HTML. I started dabbling in it last August and feel I am catching on quite well. If you are new as well or know some stuff and wonder how I did something on this page, read on. I know the feeling of seeing a cool page and racking my brains on how something was done. You can't ask the authors because they will not answer you 9 times out of ten. Here are the programs I used.


Images with transparent backgrounds are alot catchier than ones with a big square around them. I used Adobe PhotoDeluxe. It is as easy as just selecting the colors that you want to be transparent. I got the pictures off of my videotapes using a device called a Snappy. You can capture pictures from a VCR, a TV, Camcorder, or digital camera. This has been a very useful tool in creating my webpages. When you are first learning, you wonder how people get their pictures on the Internet and how much it costs to do it. This device is a steal at $200. It comes with the above mentioned Adobe Photodeluxe, and some other great software that is really fun to experiment with.
The blinking Wakko I did with GifConstruction Set by Alchemy Mindworks. It is a very easy and versatile shareware program for making animated gifs. Of course the images were done in PhotoDeluxe, converted to .gif format and then animated.


You can add music (and life) to your web pages with music! A web site that has music not only livens up the experience, but adds an extra dimension to your page. Not every page has music playing while you read, so you tend to remember those pages better. Crescendo's site by LiveUpdate is a great place to get a MIDI driver. Newer versions of Netscape include a plug in for listening to music, but not as flashy as this one.
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